How To Lose and Reduce Cellulite Fast

Reduce Cellulite Fast

How to lose and reduce cellulite with diet, lifestyle changes, home remedies and non-invasive treatments.

The unappealing appearance of dimpled skin in various parts of the body pushes all sufferers to find effective ways to lose cellulite and regain that smooth, normal looking skin.

Cellulite affects the skin of adult men and women due to wide ranging factors like genetics, diet, lifestyles, tight clothing and hormonal disturbances among others. Over 90% of those having cellulite are women who have subcutaneous fat closer to the top layer of skin, unlike men, whose fat is stored deeper, and their skin remains thin and more elastic.

The most commonly affected or cellulite prone areas are the pelvic and abdominal regions as such the back of the thighs, legs and butt area.

Cellulite is not a disease, and not irreversible since addressing the underlying factors and selecting the right treatment will help to see an orange peel-type skin replaced by smooth and even skin. It affects the skin appearance not just in fat, overweight people, but also in slim individuals.

Ways To Reduce And Lose Cellulite

A range of cosmetic, nutritional and herbal therapeutic ways of reducing and losing cellulite are promoted but with varying degrees of success. Some of these include:


Diet is a natural way to lose or at least help reduce cellulite. It will help to lose unwanted fat and give the body only the nutrients it needs. A diet including liberal portions of fish and nuts will give the body the essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Adding fruit and vegetables will help to add fiber and antioxidants. Fried foods, tobacco, salt rich and processed foods have to be avoided. Coffee must be restricted to one cup a day. Eating less food helps, so multiple small meals are preferable since they are easier to digest. Eating more will result in undigested food ending up being stored as fat, leading to increased chances of cellulite. Drinking more water will help to flush out body toxins. Improved circulation, and burning fat with the right food helps to reduce cellulite.

Exercise And Workouts

Cellulite is linked to fat deposits and poor circulation. Hence, exercise and workouts prove to be effective for those wanting to lose cellulite. Cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jogging and walking help to improve lymphatic circulation and stimulate blood flow. Exercise makes the fat cells move and the fat cells trapped beneath the skin start moving with better blood flow, and eventually get eliminated from the body. Sweating and burning calories prevents weight gain and skin detoxification. Workouts and aerobic exercises help to move every muscle of the body and stubborn fat gets displaced.

Herbal and Home Remedies

One of the best known home remedies for cellulite is using apple cider vinegar. It can be used as a topical application by mixing three parts of this vinegar to one part of any massage oil. It must be applied twice a day in kneading style to penetrate the skin. Or it can be taken orally by mixing two tablespoon in 8 ounces of water, and taken once every morning.

Other home remedies include applying cocoa butter and bathing with Epsome salt in water. Herbs include kelp with its high iodine content, gotu kola for better circulation, grapefruit oil for removing fat, guarana that helps to dehydrate the cellulite areas, and horse chestnut bark which contains aescin. All of them help to remove or reduce cellulite.

Old wives tales may have some truth and one such tale recommends using Vitamin E mixed with onion extract. A well known grandma’s recipe for reducing cellulite involves mixing two spoons each of spicy mustard and vodka, massaging into the affected area and covering it with plastic wrap, and washing after fifteen minutes. Most of these work as nutritional supplements helping in reducing fat, acting as antioxidants and toning up the skin.

Non-Invasive Treatments

A large number of creams and lotions all claiming to be miracle cures for cellulite are available. Most creams claim a 70% success rate, and differences in cellulite causing conditions can be blamed for lack of success. The key ingredients help to reduce if not wipe out cellulite include caffeine that works like a diuretic and improves blood flow and retinol, that exfoliates the skin and improves production of collagen. Other ingredients include red sea algae, vitamin E, apricot kernel oil and rose hip oil.

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