How to Increase & Boost Fertility in Women

Boost Fertility

For women who have problems in conceiving, there are many tips to increase or boost fertility through natural and healthy ways. Whether one chooses a healthy diet or exercise plan or opt for vitamins, herbs and medicine, make sure to give conception the maximum effort that one possibly can.

If you want a baby, you are probably trying everything in order to improve fertility and become pregnant as soon as possible. While some women are lucky enough to become pregnant easily, some other women might need some natural or medical ways to increase chances of conceiving, boost ovulation and improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Fortunately, there are many ways to boost fertility and all of the following ways are approved of and encouraged by fertility experts and doctors. Nevertheless, it is a smart idea to discuss them with one’s gynecologist before implementing them just to make sure that they agree with your overall reproductive health.

Weight Control

Many physicians believe that overweight as well as underweight women might have a problem conceiving. While some fat on the body is essential in order to conceive and for ovulation, but too much of it can harm the process as well.

If you are underweight, you should increase the intake of healthy food in your daily diet as well as involve yourself in physical activity. If you are overweight, then you should cut down on your diet (but do not compromise on the nutritional food intake) and incorporate regular exercise and aerobics in your weekly routine.

One way to know how to be healthy specifically to increase fertility naturally is to aim for a body mass index or BMI of between 20 and 25 after dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters.

Lifestyle Changes

Stop SmokingIf having a child is one of your top priorities and you need help with conception then you should be willing to make large sacrifices, particularly, with the kind of lifestyle you are currently living. If you smoke or your partner smokes, then chances are that this habit is delaying your ability to conceive. Smoking can impair the receptivity of the uterus towards the egg. In fact, even if your partner smokes, then his sperm production and quality can be negatively affected.

Therefore, if any one of you smokes, you really need to quit before you make an effort at conception. Even during pregnancy, you should refrain from smoking as it can increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

Another change you will want to consider is cutting down on your alcohol or caffeine intake. This is because alcohol, five units or more of it a week, can decrease your likelihood of conceiving as can one cup of coffee per day.

Herbs, Vitamins and Medicine

Foe women who are over 35, vitamins, herbs and medicine can be great to increase fertility. Vitamins like vitamin B6 are normally recommended to increase and lengthen the luteal phase of the woman’s cycle while Vitamin C is good for increasing hormone levels. However, large amounts of vitamin C can decrease the level of your cervical fluid and the prenatal vitamin you take should be limited as well.

Some herbs like the Evening Primrose oil are extremely effective for increasing conception because it reduces cholesterol, alleviates PMS and allows for the healthy build up of cervical fluid. Another herb to alleviate with endometriosis symptoms is Pycnogenol, the herbal extract of which is especially great. Other useful herbs include flaxseed oil and Vitex.

Women looking to become pregnant can also try FertilAid for Women, which are fertility supplements that can improve the reproductive health and increase the chances of conceiving. It combines many essential herbal ingredients with vitamins as well as key antioxidants to promote hormonal balance and help boost fertility in women. Results has been positive for many women who after taking FertilAid manage to regulate their menstrual cycles and get pregnant easily.

For women with health issues, fertility drugs that can help with conception include Clomiphrene, which is used for treating PCO or polycystic Ovaries Syndrome or certain other problems. If your body does not respond to it, then your doctor will prescribe Gonadotropins. If you have problem ovulating due to pituitary adenoma then your doctor can prescribe Bromocriptine but since these drugs might have some side effects, you need to take care when using them.

Diet and Food

Many fertility experts will ask you to change your dietary habits as the first and primary way of boosting your fertility. This is because the right diet that is filled with all the right nutrition and minerals will boost your reproductive system as well as regulate your hormones. There are many foods to increase fertility so you will, in no way, be restricted to one category of foods. However, you should refrain from foods containing processed sugar and carbohydrates as well as carbonated beverages and other foods that might contain artificial ingredients.

It is highly important to eat fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds almost every day. It is also very important to eat a diet containing protein and natural carbohydrates. Make sure that you consume an adequate portion of nuts and whole grains; food items containing iron are crucial because they help in the production of blood.

Engage In Intercourse

Take advantage of the fertility window, which is the six-day interval after ovulation and three days before ovulation. In order to maintain the quality of the sperm, engage in intercourse once every 48 hours.

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