How To Lose Man Breast Without Surgery

Lose Chest Fat

Men who suffer with access chest fat (gynecomastia) want to know how to lose those man breast and the embarrassment that comes along with them. While surgery is a surefire way to rid one’s self of the problem instantly it is not without its series of dangerous risks and side effects.

In fact, unnecessary surgeries have become more and more frowned upon as an increase in surgical emergencies has resulted in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery losing business. From every day people to celebrities in the lime light, infections and even deaths have resulted while under the knife as well as shortly after. While it has not put a huge dent in the pocket of these well paid physicians it has made men and women think twice about risking their lives to change their appearance.

If you are opposed to surgery dangers and want to quickly rid yourself of “man boobs” there are many other options that may not be as quickly effective but are effective none the less. More importantly these methods are healthy, safe and non-invasive as well as fast as can be expected for methods that are natural.

Foods And Diets

There are many different foods that are not only good for your body but also can help you lose man boobs quicker and more efficiently. Chest weight is often the first weight to fall to the wayside when dieting and exercising which gives men a clear advantage for targeting this problem area.

Eating Fiber Rich Foods – Fiber is a natural way to get the body’s digestive tract moving. In doing so it also flushes the body of toxins and other unwanted wastes. This not only helps you to stay regular but can also help you lose weight quicker making fiber a win/win addition to your diet. Foods that are rich in fiber are rice, oatmeal, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, roasted soybeans, nuts, beans, avocados and oranges. If you think you are still not getting enough fiber try a fiber supplement.

Cosnsume More Lean Meat – Fat accumulation is the number one cause of male breast overdevelopment. Meats naturally lower in fat can help to fight this problem. Changing your consumption of higher fat meats can not only fight obesity itself but also help to target problem areas. Consider nixing red meats and eating more chicken that has been baked or grilled.

Limit Your Sugar Intake – Sugars are nothing more than empty calories and the number one cause of obesity. Limiting your sugar can show vast improvements over a matter of weeks. One of the hardest things to cut out of your diet is sodas but removing them can be widely effective.

Exercise And Workouts

Cardio – To burn fat, your body needs to get moving. Just ten minutes of cardio a day can get your heart pumping and melt away fat fast. Many people make the mistake of only lifting weights. While this surely defines muscle you won’t see much of the changes you have made if there is still a wall of fat covering the pectoral muscle. Good examples of cardio include jogging, power walking and dancing.

Weight Bench – Bench presses are a great and quick way to lose those man breast. Because of the positioning of the arms the chest will get as intense a workout as the arms making this a double whammy exercise great for many different target areas.

Floor Presses – Floor presses are slightly more difficult but a great exercise to work into your regimen. Start out by lying on the floor on your back. With two hand weights in your hands raise your arms to the sky and lower to the side. Repeat as needed.


There are many supplements that claim to help aid in breast reduction, however, a very few are known to be clinically tested. Testolactone, which is an aromatase inhibitor, was tested in a small group of young men with encouraging results. Tamoxifen is also a well-studied supplement that showed total regression in 70% of participants.

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There are many alternatives to surgery when it comes to finding a true solution to such a common issue. If your condition is not bothersome or if it does not affect your self-esteem chances are it need not be treated, however, if you find that this issue affects your quality of life you should discuss it with your doctor. He or she will be able to direct you in the right direction offering you the best solution to lose man breast without the aid of dangerous surgery.

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